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     his eyes are cold, and on me they linger
     drinking in my features like rain and
     clinging to my skin as the sun shines high;
     he approached me with shaking hands and
     fingers laced of whine: h-h-hey y-you're
     pretty c-cute: he stutters like an angel with
     fear in his eyes and anxiety swimming in
     his veins like there's no tomorrow for any
     one any more and i laugh like we have all
     the days we could dream: so are you: not
     a problem with any of my syllables could
     you ever find but my heart races like the
     dogs up in alaska; mush mush mush mush;
     and i take his hand while butterflies sing and
     t o g e t h e r we walk, hearts on f i r e
let's spend tonight in the closet, dear

     in one arm i have his cheekbones, soft and        
     smooth like the onyx at his thighs and in the
     other arm i have her lips, cool and delicate
     and warm as night; together we are tragedy,
     together we are comedy, together we are history,
     together we are one; and in the silence of the
     lambs out back we smile and dance like no one
     is watching with rifles at their backs and we are
     not on the most-wanted most-hated most-sinful
     list plastered on every religious face of followers
     that preach to us on the streets; shut them up
     with a kiss on h i s lips, h e r lips
let's spend forever in-between right and wrong

     i'll take your hand and you'll take mine but that's
     all it is: holding hands and late-night phone calls
     and love on the subway; no lust to blur our vision,
     no need to carry extras in every spare pocket like
     the apes of our species, rotten and filthy and so
     damn unclean it burns our eyes to watch; let's just
     walk along the highway with giddy dreams and soft
     memories driving through our hearts and stopping at
     every intersection, giving us the power to give our
     h e a r t s and keep our s o u l s
let's spend tomorrow in the streets

     her smile carries me to the stars and there we sit
     forevermore, happy with the world; gold pierces my heart,
     glowing from the portals of her delicate face, reeling in
     the breath from my ribs as I watch with envy as angels
     sing to her-my girl, my girl-with halos of silver and harps
     of bronze; my words drown in the sea of her hands as
     they reach my cheeks with laughter so soft it sets fire
     to the ice of her wings as the sun sets in the mid-morning
     dawn; i look at her with crystals in my pine-tree eyes and
     her sunset-smothered smile lifts me to my feet and with
     the only words i am meant to speak she realizes the truth:
     you are my e v e r y t h I n g, i l o v e you
let's spend every lost our in the arms of each other

     buttercup lips and puppy-dog kisses greet me as i dare to
     wake, moving with the current of the moon in your eyes and
     all you do is laugh as the water runs down my cheeks and
     melts into the bright pink fabric of my prized skirt; we laugh
     as the sun dances with the stars at the party no one bothered
     to invite the old moon to and she cries; happiness bubbles in
     your veins as our hands clasp together like butter and we
     drown in a sea of rainbows and flowers and beads and make-up
     and you smile and tell me: i love you like yesterday: and i whisper
     to you: i love you like tomorrow: and it blocks away all the sorrow
     clinging to my bones from the heat of this prison; but one thing
     is certain you tell me: you will a l w a y s be my b o y
let's spend spare moments in love's last embrace

     you gaze into my eyes like there's no limit to our existence, and
     the feeble truth behind my lips falters into existence, crisp and ripe
     and boiling like tin foil in the moonlight; whispered words of love and
     longing and desire and hope fly back-and-forth between our ears like
     the black-and-white tears of a child, burning with innocence and the
     inability to do wrong yet laced with matches and tobacco sweet; on
     our first five dates we don't do anything wrong, your typical couple of
     shakespearean romance, but by date six we've gone to romeo and juliet,
     lust in the lake and love on the rooftops; and on ten you whisper the
     words that will forever haunt me: you and i are meant to be, one in
     mind and body and soul we are, d e s t i n y controls u s
let's spend september in silver platters

     i scan the crowd with burning eyes, everyone could so easily be mine;
     spread the love and crush the hate, make guns out of roses and roses
     out of bombs; turn this life upside-down and take the hand of the lonely
     neighbor you've never met in the nineteen years you've lived so close to one
     another that your hands could touch in the freezing morning showers and
     your bodies could collide in the dark hours of slumber; the world is at my
     fingertips and maybe i'll choose her or maybe i'll choose him or maybe i'll
     just let them choose, because nothing really matters in this game of love
     and nightmares; yet in the back of my mind you always linger, though, and i
     can't help but yearn for the s a t i s f a c t i o n of your l o v e
let's spend sunset in the treetops

          so let's dance the way that butterflies do,
     riding the air like it's nothing new,
and maybe we'll melt into two.
Because I bet you'd never know if I didn't say so-
red: homosexual
orange: bisexual
yellow: asexual
green: lesbian
blue: transexual
indigo: heterosexual
violet: pansexual

Green is inspired by and for my amazing Kiani :icontheconfusechild:
Blue is inspired by and for the beautiful Kai :icongutterface:

Original Deviation
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I read this quite a while back and never forgot it. Now that I finally have a dA account of my own I'd just like to say that this is absolutely beautiful and, quite frankly, I'm inspired.

Scared-For-Life Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2008
I like green
NeoPhoneix Featured By Owner May 31, 2008
Amazing. Completely amazing.
xxDarkxPhoenixx Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
I love this, it's so marvelous. :+favlove:
Windsing Featured By Owner May 26, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
This is awesome. I love it. x3
ddrfreak573r Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
wow! this is amazing! i love it.
URmom340 Featured By Owner May 26, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
NovaStarX Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
Very interesting. I like the way it is done. Very nice.
finalrice Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
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